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Thick a creative visual by Picasso De Conscience

The hot track Thick by Picasso De Conscience shows you what thick is while explaining how you end up in the thick of things. In the thick of chicanery, he tells you about himself & what he truly stands for in life “Like Master P I be a beast”, brags on his resume assassinating in his fields, how he dishonors poverty, and his relationship with the beats. “Kick you like Matt Hardy so you get the bigger picture”.

Having an understanding of yourself with confidence and efficiency will definitely set you apart from the pack.“Monkey see, monkey do-who are you and who is he?” Referencing how people follow the crowd but do not even know if the crowd aligns with their morals and values. Unlike our favorite killers that mention and appear in the video!

“I’m really not the nga, but I'll get you if you testin me.” Speaks to how people love to pick on people who they do not even know. Causing people who are minding their own business to come out of their element which could mean war. “Blasphemy, you deceased. Wrap stones around your feet, take you to Lake Michigan, and Wrap Stones around your feet.” Think twice about your actions!

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