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MaYoun Introduces MaYoun Music as Music that Makes A Difference

MaYoun is an artist that aim’s for more than just creating good music for you to listen to and have a good time. He takes pride in the idea that his music is about making a difference in the world. It’s about setting an example. It’s about people seeing an artist from a small country town in Arkansas who did it the right way – who walked away from selling drugs and becoming involved in gangs and instead chose to put his energy and passions into making truly original music. And out of that success MaYoun has given back to his community, using his platform to bring awareness to the ills of the world and encouraging younger generations to think about the consequences of their actions and poor decisions.

His new Single “Same Lil N*gga” puts that originality on full display. He took part in working with HitCo Records’ very own Aaron Reid in the production of this track as well as 2 other singles, “Best Now” and “Trophies” set to release simultaneously. The three songs they created express the versatility and various exploratory sounds that MaYoun brings to the industry. They’re new sounds – authentic, with real flows and real lyrics that connect with people from all walks of life. They worked together to create slow songs, fast songs, party songs, introspective songs and just about everything else in between. Mayoun and his management team have launched their own record label company self-titled “MaYoun Music LLC” which is currently under the direction of super-producer, Christopher Starr, Founder and CEO of CSP Music Group, who leads a team of diverse industry professionals that has assisted in the sales of over 350 million records. When asked who his influences were, Mayoun mentioned musical legends such as Micheal Jackson, Snoop Dogg, and Bobby Wormack. That’s an odd range of artists to place into that category but he went on to explain that each of those musicians expressed themselves in ways that he could relate. “Micheal Jackson placed his political views and concepts within his music. Snoop Dogg uses his platform to show his newly defined image. Bobby Wormack expressed his emotions towards women through a lyrical love language.” How could we deliver a genre of music that catered to an audience so vast? MaYoun’s music is the answer to that. It is the kind of music that can appeal to so many different audiences that it cannot be classified into just one genre. It cannot be defined by one set of preconceived structures because there never has been anything like him. The songs and sounds from this crafty artist, now residing in Texas, are so unique that it’s almost like he’s making an a-la-carte radio station for each and every listener in the world.

“I really just want people to know that there is still versatility in music,” MaYoun said. “I have a melodic sound though it’s not a sound that you’d be used to hearing right now. It’s different and it stands out. I feel like I have the sound of today but I’m always putting the substance of early 2000s in there that everybody loves. I always try to keep some kind of substance and teach something or express something I’ve been through in a way that people can relate to it. Giving back is the whole idea behind MaYoun Music. I’m an artist who really just loves music and wants to use my platform to help my community and make a difference on things that are going on in the world. I haven’t always been a squeaky clean guy but I decided to go a different route, and God has blessed me to have music that could influence others as well.”



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