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Krishaun - “Who Let The Freaks Out?”

Rising artist Krishaun is back with more heat! The talented artists drops off two new hit singles titled “Who Let The Freaks Out?” and "D-Boy Block". His first song is about is getting everybody hyped and hyper &, a lot of energy dancing until they sweat to their knees. It was sampled from The rugrats movie soundtrack who let the dogs out by Baha men. Krishaun also has another hot new release titled “D-Boy Block”, which is bringing heat to the streets! D-Boy Block is getting global attention and making history in the industry. Check out both singles below and follow him on social media for his latest releases.


Krishaun Fritz Born July 12,1996 and Raised In Detroit, Michigan when he was three years old his mother died from a car accident he has been raised by his grandparents at 5 Years old he was playing with cameras and photography up until 23 years old been talking pictures at different artists events meeting and chatting saying he is into music ever since middle school and High School rapping at the age of 11 in his own basement at the age of 21 he met Jeezy and Other Rappers at the shows backstage and outdoor events he always tried to Work with them inspiring by them but now he is bringing heat to the music industry which he Putting in work, Going to different studios, Instagram Networking, Promotions, Working a car wash Job, Amazon and Driving Uber and Lyft he would always brag all the time to everybody always tell him you gotta be big, Marketing, networking with different artists On Social media, struggling and paying Heavily and not slowing down or stop thinking about, Trying to Make it to the rap and R&B game with his releases his very first three singles months ago R&B Sensation No Reason & D-Boy Block, Who Let the Freaks Out now on all Major music Platforms Spotify, apple music, youtube, Tidal, and more.





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