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Famigo DaRula - "GoTTem"

In his GoTTem remix of SpotEmGotEM Beat Box, Famigo DaRula tells a short story we all know well. “Checked the temperature and blew a fuse” When you get tired of repeating behaviors and actions of others that are minor, you close the door! “Helped the man out, put slime on. Now he's moving slowlet’em go. I’m Up”

Migo takes us back to the glory days when we would get in the gloves. “could put a ten on his head, don't want foe-nem to get involved” Instead of guns, starting wars, and dismantling the community farther he simply says ”do the June bug and knock his head off” “move wrong and then I peep it, imma beat em out the box-Migo Beat em out his socks''. As the owner of Strivers The Legacy label, Hailing from Chicago, and a musical family background it is refreshing to see this movement be pushed again! Acknowledging that we have things to do & focus to keep with Strivers the Legacy as a movement and Record Label.

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