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Tre Digga puts Trindad on the map with his new single, "Gone"

It’s hard to decide where to begin, left speechless and overwhelmed with great energy. Overloaded with so many adjectives to describe this artist, Tre Digga is phenomenal and rare to say the least. Calling him a musical genius would be an understatement. He is raw and optimist stirred with the demeanor of unique greatness. He is a musical wiz with a magical penmanship. Born in Trinidad and residing in Canada his background is very enriched with historical musical roots.

“Gone” the song that brings us together today, tomorrow and eternality. This song builds you up from the very start. Delivering complimented melodies and harmonizing lyrics. Slightly unfair, to only have a teaser to play but well worth the wait for the full song. This song is guaranteed to be a major hit. The formula Tre Digga used to create this song is mad dope. The production of the song is jam packed with a soaring fusion plus you will be mesmerized. This song will make your head rock and drown you with positive vibes.




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