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The Isley Brothers - Friends and Family ft. Ronald Isley & Snoop Dogg [Video]

The Isley Brothers keeps the grown music going

They are the Rocking Soulful legends that have pioneered it all. They are Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame Inductees and so much more. Writing this blog this evening, after watching one of the greatest Verzuz to date, I found myself very inspired to dive deeper into their musical journey which has impressed so many generations thus forth.


How do you describe greatness?

I am speechless, left in a maze trying to relive every moment of the Verzuz featuring another music sensational group, "Earth, Wind, & Fire". I recalled many nights I Dj'ed the 70s & 80s nightclub and evening events on the Carnival Cruise Ships playing many of their classics. I am in total awe and well connected, more than I have ever been.

Four amazing hours of timeless grown folks music that will keep on giving for many generations to come.

It's a great pleasure to present their new single that premiere for the first time after Verzuz ended.




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