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Take a ride on El Casino's "Parachute"

So many words of excitement come to mind when I think of El Casino. He is more than an artist; he is a family man and businessman whose determination for greatness shines so bright it lights up everything he speaks.

Recently, I got to catch up with him briefly on zoom to ask him a few questions. He was so open and willing to participate in my off-the-wall questions. My mind instantly overflowed with questions to ask. The first question I ask him was, "If you can tell the world something about you that you haven’t said already, what would it be?” His response was, “that’s a good question before he dived in to answer it. Then followed with this very powerful statement, “For one, I am a reflection of you, and I am very clear about that, we are one and are very connected by the light and our energy sources.”

Very impressed by how deep and connected El Casino is to the universe and how the energy aligns. It is my pleasure to present to you one of the two singles I will be reviewing titled, ‘Parachute” featuring Pimpin Young.

Parachute” starts with impactful instrumentation and lyrics. From the start to the finish, this song makes you feel so empowered and eager to conquer all your struggles. The lyrics performed on this song are well placed and flows so elegantly. Let’s make sure we are embracing the transparency; he is displaying throughout this song. I find myself replaying this song countless to embrace the substance in its entirety. While writing this review, I am still swaying left to right trying to keep my cool and not lose my rhythm. Every millisecond of this song was arranged with great vibes. You would be a fool not to give this song your listening ear and watch how the vibes touch your soul.

Well until next time, we shall meet again through great vibes and our universal connections. Take some time to get to know El Casino at



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