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Real Estate and TV Placements, Sycosis is a Big Deal.

Let's get to know Chicago Hip-Hop artist Sycosis or ~SY~ combines an aggressive delivery, hard hitting punch lines, and a style that varies but a message that stays consistent. By day he teaches education programs and life skills in Division 9 Super Max at Chicago's Cook County Jail. Additionally he is a Realtor helping first time homebuyers restore communities such as Gary, Indiana. By night he is a performer, writer, publisher, and fierce lyricist that seems to get better over time.

Today his music is being streamed globally in over 70 countries around the world, with over 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Songs like "Worship" ,"Vanglorius", "A.N.C", and more have landed in international television and commercial spots such as Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Law & Order SVU, Dude Perfect, Chozen, Sunny Delight, and Vanquish Fitness just to name a few. With music that can be found on shows from ESPN to NBC he continues new international partnerships such as working with Artlist to deliver music to Gamers, Youtube Bloggers, and major corporations.

Sycosis has returned with his 6th studio album "Find Me When You Wake Up" which released on 11/6/2020. With the backdrop of one of the craziest years ever, he provides the soundtrack for the Black American experience with songs like "You Owe Us" and "Alright Now", while also diving deeper into his personal life struggles and triumphs on songs like "Slipping Away" & "Tables Turn". Check out the album on all streaming platforms & follow Sycosis


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