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Picasso De Conscience’s New Single Called Exhale

Picasso De Conscience talks to us about the trials and errors that come along with “dating” in the 21 century in his single Exhale. “She has a lot of questions so I'm gone teach these lessons.” Wanting to get everything off your chest by having a face to face conversations can be tricky in Gen Z. One wrong move and “I can fire you quicker than I hire you.” But, what better way to effectively communicate and clear everything up besides a sit-down! Being a man it is easy to follow temptation.“I’m not like the other men but the offering is tempting. Your body is so right, but you have the wrong intentions.” Reminding women to value themselves and not put men first. Check out what being Thick means to Picasso De Conscience! Be sure to follow Picasso De Conscience on Instagram- Facebook- Spotify-



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