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Trap storytelling meets creativity, that's how Jacksonville’s very own @MaineSFSG should be described. From the moment you press play on his latest video release, “FREE”, you will be welcomed into the melodic tunes that speak to your consciousness. Gifting us with a new style and outlook on punchlines, classic production and thinking outside the box way before Christmas, we are so spoiled and want more. Pure greatness and flames is exactly what Maine SFSG possesses and brings to the industry, as he is the next to blow. Intrigued and excited to hear more from this raving superstar, I have to shine a light on the fact that both the song and the video for “FREE” is an instant repeat from the eye opening scenes showing a pet stripper and the blower to the opening line, “Can I ask you now, what you got for me, cause nothing I got is for free”. From the production to the music video this is creativity at its finest. Teaming up with upcoming video director @whoiswhitemayne, you can feel the connection that these two have with executing the true storyline which meshes so well with the lyrics. These two create pure magic together, excited to see what they have planned next. Before this review is concluded, here’s a special message to all the music lovers and folks who love to watch good entertainment; will not be disappointed, Maine SFSG found its own lane that creates luxurious pleasure for our mind and ears.
Maine SFSG - Free
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