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MaxiMilien to Release New EP 'Grand Tourer'

As Ice Cube and Tupac Shakur once led the charge to save rap music from itself, so does rapper MaxiMilien emerging from Los Angeles, California to take on the West Coast sound and return it to its urban roots. With rhymes that are devoted to peace, a boss mentality and interwoven with images of elegant class, MaxiMilien is determined to deliver all three elements through his artistic endeavour along with his co-founder at Worldwideway (Www) Corporation, Parkeway.

Www is a management company and record label bringing together all the different aspects of media creativity into one collaborative solution. Comprising bandleaders, singers, musicians, directors, designers and producers, Www is dedicated to publishing art in all its forms. As co-owner, MaxiMilien has established an overarching artistic umbrella capable of embracing the public’s consciousness and fulfilling consumers' innermost desires. Www is now the urban equivalent of a collective hive; dropping their combined truths in defence of their art and winning back the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere. A sound engineer since his early teens, MaxiMilien is dedicated to producing hip-hop that is authentic, original and immediately recognisable. Drawing on his Creole heritage and street knowledge, he merges the world of South LA, California sunshine and southern Hip-hop with dramatic cinematic synths underscored by the phattest of beats. Influenced by artists such as members of TDE, Dom Kennedy, Suga Free, Westside Gunn, and Nipsey Hussle, his lyrical flow is undeniably a respectful salute to the masters at play. His latest releases ‘i3RUN’, and ‘District’, showcased a sophisticated blend of upbeat melodies and incredibly addictive bounce. His skills and swagger are clearly on display and will lead audiences on a trek into the mastery of the consummate rapper. That run of hits is about to be extended with MaxiMilien’s new EP ‘Grand Tourer’. As the name suggests, it is a release emboldened with high performance and luxurious sounds. Harmonious rhymes punctuated with incredible beats as well as organic instrumentation, encourage and motivate listeners to experience life and live it to the Max. Comparable to the sonic execution of his great influencers, ‘Grand Tourer’ is a step up in class and a defining moment in MaxiMilien’s career. MaxiMilien is forging a new path for himself and for those that are joining him on his ride. Make sure you pre-save his new EP now.




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