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Most Precious Promotes Presents Matt Blankenship Jr's -The SomeTimes Island new single, Phantom Limb

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

A producer, singer and songwriter with universal sound. It's hard to sum up the level of talent, Matt Blankenship possesses. He is truly a breath of fresh air to embrace. None like any other, he is the innovator of sound and music creation. From creating Sometimes Island’s 2017 studio release from his home studio, he surely is the definition of iconic. As the frontman of the Los Angeles based Synth Pop Band, he brings authenticity, a burst of emotions and breeze of happy memories. We have to give thanks to Matt hometown of Austin for being the inspiration behind their band name. 

“Phantom Limb”

Hypnotizing and infusing, comes to mind once you press play on this smooth classic. Instantly, you will find connection with the layout of this masterpiece. The moment that you hear the synthetic sound you will have flashbacks of your personal all time favorites. Phantom Limb is made to be played on repeat, while you are cruising down the highway overlooking the ocean bay. As a conjunction, the Sometimes Island band provides collaborative melodies and instrumentation that brings compliments to this masterpiece. You will love the level of creativity on this song the moment you press play.

Phantom Limb showcases a level of purity from Matt Blankenship Jr. As a collective, this song presents a rush of musical urgency and excellence. You will find his creative style to bring forth vibes like none other. He welcomes you to join him for a universal experience of the synthetic pop sound you already love. Join Matt Blankenship Jr’s world today by streaming “Phantom Limb” on soundcloud and watch the Official Music Video on youtube.



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