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JuiceKarter Reveals New Mixtape After Trending On Radio Again

Atlanta based rapper JuiceKarter has announced the release of his highly anticipated 3rd mixtape “So Gone”, set to drop on June 11.

“It’s time to start this ride,” the rapper wrote on Instagram and Twitter, teasing fans with the possibilities of what he would say next. Moments later, he confirmed the news: a new mixtape was coming.

“I got so much to say,” he Tweeted.

The news comes just after JuiceKarter has been trending on radio stations across the US with his singles ‘How I Feel’, and ‘Kilode’ featuring TomXine, a Nigerian based singer/songwriter. In 2014, JuiceKarter was introduced to the music scene (formerly known as 808 Jesus) when his original hit single ‘My Dollars’ broke the Top 100 radio charts after signing his first record deal with M. Republik Music Group - owned by Allen Forrest.

When asked about his selection of the “So Gone” mixtape title during a recent interview, JuiceKarter told Jungol Radio - “Lately, I’ve been going through a transition in life and letting deadweight go, but the biggest transition in life is that I’m nowhere near where I was 5-10 years ago,” he explained. “I feel like I’m just so far away from the bottom and it’s so much I’ve seen in a short amount of time, so I have a lot to get off my chest.”

The announcement of “So Gone” on June 11th has had fans from all over the globe sharing their excitement of some new JuiceKarter music. Fans can expect lyrical Karter, trap Juice, and more international music with his single “Kilode” on this new mixtape.With the breaking news of his upcoming “So Gone” Mixtape Release Party in Atlanta on the night of June 11, we expect to see an overload of anxious fans excited to hear some fresh Juice live in concert. This is a future star we can say is a guaranteed Top 5 upcoming artist in the US, and we look forward to watching the clock hit 12AM on June 11 to hear some new JuiceKarter!



JuiceKarter’s Brands: Rise Up Music Group: Jiraffe Flakez:



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