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Jay Vinchi - "When The Moon Goes Dark"

"When The Moon Goes Dark" is the 4 song Debut EP from Musical Artist Jay Vinchi, containing an emotional roller coaster through 4 Genres & diving into the concepts of existence, ego, selfishness, heartbreak, and accountability. Vinchi began his career as a resident at Assemble Sound in Detroit, Michigan back in 2017 before linking with ADS Music Partners in Los Angeles. Traveling the country for 3 years after performing with Machine Gun Kelly and Cardi B at the Swisher Sweets Artist Project in New Orleans, Jay has toured across the US & constantly created new music.

In the past, Jay and his first business partners Kyle Mack (Olympic Silver Medalist) & Alec Aretakis filmed and partook in many Festivals & artist communities across the US. Their company filmed everything from Travis Scott in Detroit, to Russ at LA Air & Style, or the XGames & affiliates. "When The Moon Goes Dark" is the first collection of music dropped by Jay, and it goes in a genre bending direction rolling through 4 different spaces. Vinchi has teamed up with AmplifyX, a brand new music finance company that allows artists to sell shares of their streaming royalties for investments into their project, to release this Debut EP.

Check out "When The Moon Goes Dark" below as well as the hit single "Playing Tennis"




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