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"Fxck Life" - Kane Jarrett

In his new single “Fxck Life” Kane Jarrett talks about having two lives. One where daily activities happen for survival, and the other being his deal “Talk life On my knees, had to deal with Christ”. In one life we learn the professions of his friends and they are privileged with multiple lives because of their work ethic and commitment to making their hustle. Not trying to get fame, but actually working in the community “when it’s Grind time it’s a hard time”. Before opening up, he notes the things that people choose to pay attention to and harp on! When it comes to being set apart from the pack like most Exotic Pop & Pop Exotico representatives nothing is what you think it is! After watching the video you wonder why he is openly sharing his profession like this? Well, Kane Jarrett is the owner of! Which is an online dispensary that sells CBD varieties such as pre-rolls, oil, and tins. Their custom clothing merchandise covers everything you need from head-to-toe in today’s climate from shoes, masks, and even swimsuits! For the artist, there is even a page for you to get help with your career from ranging promotional packages, graphics and printing, and lastly PR and management. Be sure you check out "The G", A Comedy Drama on Amazon Prime written by Kane Jarrett too! Website - Youtube -

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