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Don Drago brings substance in his new single, "Breaking Free" featuring Yay Quest

Left with so many mixed emotions, unsure rather to cry or get up and dance. Empowered by all the struggles described in the lyrics by Don Drago. Truly a great honor to be introduced to such an artist. He has a true ability to mix genres like none I have ever heard before. He showcases his strong music remedies in all of his music but when I listened to Breaking Free, I became speechless. He has mastered the sound that only he can display. He is original and the thought of duplication is so far fetched that he will not ever meet anyone like him in this lifetime. Residing in Tampa, FL., where the sun is always shining you will find a passionate American Rapper making a solid foundation for himself.

Opens with a powerful harmony then the beat breaks perfectly into the first bar, “Just a young kid sitting all along.” Very detailed and heartfelt, this song welcomes you to reminisce about your struggles, your past and your childhood. Songs like this, always win over trap rap because they are jammed packed with substance and overly complimented with melodies. I love this song personally because it's relatable and shows real transparency. Don Drago teaming up with Yay Quest was a power move because they both created realities of life from the moment you press play. This song is a masterpiece filled with great vibes and fusion. It is true, Don Drago has a strong ear for real music and a very bright future ahead of him.




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