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DJ SuperWill does it again with brand new Single, "Midnight Thoughts". Look out party people!!

On September 17, 2021, Midwestern inspired and Atlanta bred DJ SuperWill released another classic that touches you in a way words can’t not describe. He continuously evolves musically with each studio release he produces. From his heavy background in Djing college parties and earning his respect from his peers for creating one of the most unmatched dance floors experiences of this time. Dj SuperWill stands out in a way many will not understand. He challenges dance floors, house and edm lovers by producing music that can be placed on soundtracks and background music in your favorite movies and stores. It is a true pleasure to be given the opportunity to review this song and grasp the midnight thoughts that this talented superstar wants us all to receive.

“Midnight Thoughts” presents a worldly vibe fit for all music lovers. Rather you are looking for a smooth sound to play while you are having game nights with wine or you are cruising the highways after midnight. This song is an instant classic and will give you the midnight thoughts any time of the day. You will not regret this multiple spins and adding this song to your playlist. Colleges look out now, DJ Superwill has a new self produced song for your parties and so much more.



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