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Cufgangfreshmen - "Feeling Like Heem" Ft. Bossed Up Chanso

Hailing from SoCal where the started their own movement called the #BendKnee. In their newest

released video Heem Cufgang Freshmen talk about feeling like the men in their local area. This comes from staying consistent with dope releases, an amazing fan base, and their Cash Up Front motto. In their single Heem they touch on how Appearance, Women, Money, Friendship and Loyalty make you HEEM!

When talking about looks the guys let you how they feel about themselves “I look like seven winning numbers in the lottery”. Touching on how they appear to the outside world “All this gold on my body got me feeling like King Tut”.

Differing from mainstream glorification of money they touch on why they are privileged in financial affairs “Green on me like a clover, lady luck with me“ and “I’m my own bank”. They also tie friendship and loyalty into it too “Whole team on point, where the flaws at”!

Throughout the song they speak about how loyalty and having the peoples back around you makes you the man and will have your “Pockets fat looking like a Buddha gut”. And when it comes to the women there is no need to try because they will just See “ even the bottom can see i’m that”, Come “she seen the light, and fell in love with the rhythm”, & Do “She wanna clean the royal like i’m Hakeem” !

Be sure you stay tuned and check out the guys on social media, the best has yet to come!



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