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Cicely Tyson, the trendsetting Hollywood Legend as been called home.

Sad day in entertainment, the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient has been called home. Cicely Tyson's lived one of the most prosperous and inspiring journeys only one can imagine. A traveling model who made her momentum mark in Hollywood in the 70s when black women were able to start in starring roles. From an Oscar nomination to winning two Emmys, she never took no for an answer. Knowing that she was given an honorary Oscar statuette at the Annual Governors Awards brings even more gratitudes. She stood as our Black superwoman while playing roles of strong black woman. The world is mourning but not in a way of regret but in the way of peaceful and gratefulness to have had the opportunity to get to witness how great she really was. I wish I had the chance to meet her in person, has she has giving woman like me who are inspiring to be historical as she once was. As her family mourning in privacy, the world joins them in the support as her legacy will continue to captivate generations to come in all forms of entertainment and lifestyle.

Thank you so much, Cicely Tyson for giving us hope and being so golden.


DJ Mos Precious

Cicely Tyson

Just As I Am Memoir out now..

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