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CHICAGO HEAT: Diverse rapper WTG VITO drops new banger, "WHERE YO HEART AT?"

Updated: May 26, 2023

WTG Vito introduces Chicago's new melodic style of rap. Besides the known drill music, he is bringing new vibes to the airwaves with his new single, "Where yo heart at?"

He has lived all over the city; made a name for himself in the “wild 100s”. A lot of the

guys in the area wanted Vito to join their gang because they saw his influence

over his brothers; they were seen as a potential threat even though they were

just trying to live on their own terms. Vito started WTG: We The Gang, We The

Guys (2016) meaning we’re not a part of no group/gang specifically, we are the

gang/guys! Their first music video, Nxt Level was published on YouTube in 2019.

WTG Vito first music video working with a management team was Stop Talking to

Me (STTM) published in 2020. STTM was performed live at Coast-to-Coast

Showcase. Since then, WTG Vito have performed in numerous local competitive

showcases and interviews/podcasts in Chicago and Indiana. His first solo

performance booked was for his single, #WeTheGang at Loft Adiq Ultra Lounge.

WTG Vito is considered as a feature god when it comes to drill/trap music. Some

recent hit features he was a part of are, No Names, Poppin Shit, and Stop Lying

with local rappers Lil TK and JayLoco. He has over 20 available releases (features

included) out on all available digital streaming platforms. WTG Vito have

networked with different public figures, producers, dancers, singers, and label


- Written By: Mi The Manager

The new hashtag is #Chicagogotnext

Check out more of his music here



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